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Chairman's Letter 2023

Updated: Apr 24

Colleagues, Donors, and Friends,
It is hard to believe that 2023 has nearly come to a close. Looking back, I am excited to report an enormous amount of continued progress to further enhance our museum. Our organization continues to grow and enhance our capability to deliver quality experiences to our guests, executing our mission to Preserve, Remember, and Educate. This year saw fundamental improvements that changed the way the Galveston Naval Museum is seen. Starting with the new brand launch in March, our goal was to have imagery that appropriately depicts the compelling and powerful stories of our ships and her sailors. Our tagline: “From Harms Way to Historic” brings into focus the courage and sacrifices these men made on behalf of our future, reminding us that the liberty we enjoy was earned at a dear cost. In addition, our new Women of World War Two exhibit tells the reciprocal side of the same story, highlighting the support at home and efforts made by mothers, wives, and sisters to support their fighting men on the other side of the world.

Download the full letter to read more!

2023 Chairman's Letter with Pictures
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