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In 1971, USS Cavalla (SS-244) was transferred from the U.S. Navy to the U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II, Texas (SubVets) and towed to its current berth at Seawolf Park. Seawolf Park was named for the submarine and crew of the USS Seawolf (SS-197) which was lost at sea during WWII. Three years later, the USS Stewart (DE-238) joined USS Cavalla to create a unique pair of warfighting vessels -  Predator and Protector. 


Since 1999, the Cavalla Historical Foundation assumed oversight of Galveston Naval Museum and its mission to restore, maintain and operate USS Cavalla, USS Stewart, the sail of the USS Tautog (SSN-639) and the conning tower of the USS Carp (SS-338).  Galveston Naval Museum changed its name in 2018 from The American Undersea Warfare Center.

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GNM Stars

Cavalla Historical Foundation ( DBA Galveston Naval Museum) Federal Income Tax Returns



Galveston Naval Museum Annual Report 2022

Work in progress for any questions please contact:

Stephen (Steve) R. Bauerband, Treasurer for the Cavalla Historical Foundation


PHONE: 713-448-0837 

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