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The Galveston Naval Museum houses a captivating artifact collection, featuring restored vessels, vintage products and machinery, and weaponry. Each item tells a story of naval history, taking visitors on a journey through time, honoring bravery and ingenuity of sailors.

Artifact Donations

Thank you for your generosity in wanting to support the museum via artifact donation. Galveston Naval Museum is currently accepting donations that have direct ties to the USS Stewart (DE 283), and the USS Cavalla (SS 244). While the museum is looking to grow our collection, we do not have the resources to be a repository for all military history. As you are considering your donation, please look over the following guidelines and determine whether your proposed donation fits our collection policy.  


Please contact Galveston Naval Museum’s Curatorial Specialist before sending donations. By submitting the following form, this serves as a first contact with the Curatorial Specialist. Unsolicited donations dropped off at or mailed to the museum will not be accepted and may be disposed of without notice. We appreciate your generosity, but we must carefully consider the needs of the artifacts and our ability to care for them. 


Galveston Naval Museum shall collect material as parts of their collection as follows: 

  • Items that particularly related to the life of the ship, its vessel type and her crew including personal memories and memorabilia. 

  • The continuing acquisition of documentation for and about the physical properties of the ships including logs, alteration records and preservation activities

  • Documentation and items that record the vessels’ years of service

  • Documentation explaining the preservation and restoration of the vessels and efforts of the volunteers and supporters.

Sample Objects of Interest: 

  • Original photos of USS Cavalla and USS Stewart in their original 1940’s format (prints or negatives) 

  • Personal effects of members of USS Cavalla’s crew that they took with them on duty (can be any period)

  • Artifacts from other Edsall-class Destroyer Escorts with personal narratives 

  • Artifacts from other Gato-class Submarines with personal narratives 

  • Artifacts from the USS Carp (SS-338) or USS Tautog (SSN-639), or other vessels of their classes 


We are currently not accepting: 

  • Newspapers that do not mention either the USS Stewart or USS Cavalla or either of their crews 

  • Nazi artifacts of any kind 

  • Objects that have no ownership history 

  • Objects with no personal history 

  • Post-War ship models 

  • Art depicting battles not related to Destroyer Escorts or Gato-class,   Balao-class, or Sturgeon-class submariness 

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