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Sleep in the same quarters where sailors bunked 75 years ago aboard the USS Stewart.  Come take an exclusive private tour and learn the science of ships, the importance of preservation and the heritage of our nation’s military.  Complete your assigned mission and become an honorary ensign.

A Night at the Museum

You are about to embark on an adventure aboard authentic U.S. Navy vessels that served our nation during World War II and beyond. Immerse yourself in our nation's heritage. Explore historic WWII vessels and experience what it was like as a predator patrolling underwater in the Pacific or as a protector of Allied forces in the North Atlantic. Learn how the USS Cavalla (SS-244), a Gato Class Submarine, sank the Japanese aircraft carrier, Shokaku, involved in the Pearl Harbor attack.  Come aboard the USS Stewart

(DE-238), the only remaining Edsall-Class Destroyer Escort in the United States.


Our Education Coordinator will contact you to discuss the educational activities available, to confirm your booking, and to collect your deposit.


Arrival Time is 5 PM 

Lights out at 10 PM

Breakfast at 7 AM


Everyone will meet at the aft end of the Stewart, where the wooden deck and the door marked “Staff” is located. Once all members are present release forms will be collected, and rules will be reviewed by the overnight supervisor. When the safety brief concludes, guests will be allowed to load their gear aboard the USS Stewart!

After you are comfortable and settled a guided tour of the USS Cavalla and USS Stewart will be offered. Once this is over we suggest the following series of events. Dinner time, customize your experience with educational games, actives or free time.

The following morning after sleeping like Sailors, Breakfast is at 7am. Breakfast includes cereal, pastries, fruit, milk, and juice. The children will receive a completion certificate. All gear must be off the vessel by 9am. The GNM opens to the public at 9am.


  • Overnight accommodation from          5:00pm-9:00am on the USS Stewart 

  • Guided Tour of both the USS Stewart   and the USS Cavalla  

  • Educational games and activities conducted by staff.  

  • Movie on the Stewart chosen by the group. 


Sleepover Balo Package

$40 per person (Without meals provided) Guests will provide their own food. They are free to use our stovetop, oven, fridge, microwave, and cutlery.

Sleepover Gato package

$60 per person (With meals provided) Guest will be provided pizza, snacks, and a continental breakfast.  

A Down payment of $100 is required to hold the dates requested. The full down payment is nonrefundable unless in the event of weather conditions or Museum Related Issue that results in the event being ended early. The personal cancelling in the event is not subject to a refund. Proof of certified liability Insurance (COI) will be required at least 72 hours before their event. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the event with no refunds. 


Anika Matthiessen
Education Program Coordinator

Office: (409) 770-3196
Mobile: (409) 739-6711

Museum Contact 

Phone: (409) 770-3196


Open everyday 9AM - 6PM


Sleepover Deposit

Thanks for submitting!

Deposits, Refunds, and COI

To secure the dates you've requested, we kindly ask for a down payment of $100. It's important to note that this $100 is in addition to the final payment. Please be aware that the full down payment is nonrefundable, except in cases where weather conditions or Museum Related Issues necessitate an early termination of the event. We regret to inform you that personal cancellations are not eligible for refunds.


Furthermore, we kindly request that you provide proof of certified liability insurance (COI) at least 72 hours prior to your event. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your event without any refund. Your cooperation in adhering to these policies is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to hosting your event at our museum.

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