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Exploring the Impact of LA Sea Cadets' Spring Work Week Trip with Lettie Lee

Updated: Apr 26

By Julianna Salinas

This past month marked our spring work week, a time of great excitement as we welcomed the Louisiana Sea Cadets to volunteer with us! Among them was Lettie Lee, a devoted mother and dedicated volunteer with the Sea Cadets, who played a pivotal role in making this trip possible. Lettie, along with her son, has been an  part of the Louisiana Sea Cadets for many years, embodying the spirit of generosity by continuously extending a helping hand to those in need.

When asked about the motivation behind the Sea Cadets' journey from Louisiana to Galveston to volunteer, Lettie shared that it was the children themselves who expressed a keen interest in participating. Taking a day off from her own responsibilities, Lettie drove the group to our museum. Lettie emphasized that the trip to our museum has become a cherished annual tradition for the Sea Cadets, eagerly anticipated as the highlight of their year.

In our conversation, Lettie positively highlighted the alignment between our museum's values and those of the Sea Cadets, emphasizing the importance of nurturing community spirit and fostering a love for learning among children. She expressed how this experience serves as a catalyst for personal growth, providing the Sea Cadets with valuable insights into the Navy experience. Through hands-on participation in activities mirroring the life of a sailor, the Sea Cadets gain a profound appreciation for the value of hard work and the satisfaction derived from giving back to others.

Lettie's advice to other groups considering volunteering echoed her own proactive approach: "Sign up, just do it!" She encouraged others to become part of something greater for the community, underscoring how the Galveston Naval Museum exemplifies the transformative power of hard work, historical preservation, and community collaboration. Together, we can make a lasting impact and inspire future generations to uphold these values.

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