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The Loss of the Seawolf​

The Seawolf left Brisbane, Australia on her last patrol on Sept. 29, 1944. She was carrying 17 Army personnel and supplies for an operation on Samar in the Philippines.​

On October 3, she was approaching Morotai and was in an area designated as safe passage for US submarines – they could pass through here with no worry of being attacked.

Seawolf Records

  • Sargo Class Submarine commissioned Dec. 1, 1939​

  • Had 14 Successful War Patrols ​

  • Seawolf Received 13 Battle Stars​

  • Ranked 14th Overall in tonnage sunk -71,609 tons​

  • Tied for 7th in Number of Ships Sunk​

  • The Seawolf was held in high regard in the submarine service

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